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Brave Men and Women, Idiot Media Talking

I write this with a mix of emotions, deep grieve for the dead at Fort Hood relieve for the survivors with wishes for their complete recovery. This is a sad day for all Americans the death of any soldier in war is terrible but to lose them on the country’s soil is unthinkable. Yet it happened we the living must honor he memory of the dead and keep them in our hearts and minds, the job now is to make this a one time event. It is hard for civilians too understand the stress and strain of the wars that they are fighting it is our duty to support them any way that we can they deserve no less.  

As for the media I have continually been saddened by their inability to get any story right from the time they start reporting to the last word spoken. I have watched the rapidly decreasing quality and professional behavior and language skills. I find that it is best to take what I hear from the mainstream press and look to the internet for more information the days of Cronkite, Huntley and Brinkley are gone and remain fond memories in the minds of a decreasing number of people. 

ah the season

so the season beginnins, the mob goes rushing to the end. the world spins to joy and bliss. I watch from a place above the undulating crowds, the baited breath of black ink lays waiting for the times to arise. it is always the same joy to all and hand over your cash. this is the way of the controlled masses, howling at the ever changing screen that hypnotizes the weak and wit less.I don’t worry all things have a brginning and end it the time between that is open to adjustment.

life in america

                   look up, look down, look all aroud
              see what there is to see,
              do not let it rankle, just let it be
              the revolution never started
              it went immeadetly went to tv
              so we go on the sleep walking
              the dream is a nightmare unending
              consumption is king conspicuous
              is not required secrecy is king,
              lying is queen, politics is the jester
              life in america nowhere is better                                                               

The Beginning

Well what a day to start, lets see how this will progress. I have to go at a monerate speed, I’ve gone full tilt at new productions and they went bad, very bad. The world will go on W will still think he runs the free world. Though we will be owned and operated by China the way the money is being spent.